2020: Extraordinary Moments

Funded by the Jefferson Trust, this project takes a deep dive into the pandemic from the perspectives of the UVA community, particularly focusing on the positive moments that have made the past two years special. Initially intended to center around the year 2020, the project now encompasses all of the past two years, as we still continue to face the ongoing effects of the pandemic.


The project will showcase small moments during the pandemic that have unexpectedly led to meaningful experiences and will consist of three components: a documentary, magazine, and exhibition. The documentary will feature interviews and video clips from UVA students, while the magazine will highlight writing and art submissions from the UVA community. Both will be exhibited at the 2020: Extraordinary Moments showcase in Fall 2022. 


We want to feature your work

In order to obtain as wide of a range of student experiences as possible, we would love for you to participate in this project. 


This can be through being interviewed for our documentary, submitting video clips for our documentary, or submitting written/visual art for our magazine.

Please click on each of the sections below to learn more.

Deadline: May 31, 2022, at midnight


Featuring students' art and writing work. All works will be in the printed magazine.


Cash prizes totaling $900 will be awarded

We want to see what art and writing you think best expresses your experiences during the past two years. What were some small moments that made the pandemic meaningful to you?

All students' works will be featured on the website as well as in a print magazine.


Twenty-five $25 Amazon gift cards will be awarded

Please submit one or more videos that you think best express your experiences during the past two years. Why is the moment in the video so special to you? We welcome any kind of video submissions (e.g. snow scenery, quarantine, travel, flight, library, Snapchat/ Instagram videos, etc).

We will publish the documentary on the website as well as other online video-sharing platforms.


All participants will be given a specially designed tote bag

(see below)

We want to hear your thoughts and experiences about the pandemic. You will be filmed and featured in the documentary. Please fill out the interest form below and we will reach out to you.


The purpose of this project is to provide a platform for bringing people’s various experiences during the pandemic to light, allowing the UVA community to reflect on their own experiences as well as those of others. By allowing people to share their experiences through different forms of multimedia, people from various backgrounds and interests can have the opportunity to participate.


As we continue in this age of technology, particularly with the rise of online classes, appreciation for the arts has significantly decreased from the past. Spreading positivity through written and visual art and auditory storytelling can help people realize a greater appreciation not just for the arts, but for a period of time that, despite coming with several downfalls, showed us how to remain resilient. 

- Zhiwen Xu and Maryann Xue